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We. Make. 'Hits 'tory.

The LAB 1.0

Founded by Papa Asante in 2002 at the age of 13, The LAB originally consisted of just one microphone, tethered to a wall in an open spaced basement. The original intent was to just provide a place to record his own work, as well as the work of his close friends, known together as HIA. After putting out the first HIA Records compilation, people began to ask where the CD was recorded, and that was the birth of The LAB Studios. Money generated was put directly back into the studio, buying new and more sophisticated equipment on a consistent basis. Upgrades included Cakewalk Sonar, Condenser Microphones, and an Isolation Booth.


The LAB 1.5

In 2008, The LAB received a complete renovation. The physical appearance of the studio needed to be upgraded to match the quality of equipment now housed. The entire studio was repainted, carpeted, and new furniture was added. The LAB 1.5 was now ready to take on Westchester's most dedicated recording customers.





The LAB 2.0

In the summer of 2011, the LAB underwent an extensive restructuring process, inside and out. The studio was completely gutted out and rebuilt. New equipment was purchased, included the studios first digital mixing console. The LAB 2.0 also led to a restructuring of staff organization, offering clients the most flexible options to record ever.

The LAB @ 55 Webster

In 2015, The LAB ventured out into it's first commercial location on Webster Avenue in New Rochelle! A full floating facility was constructed from scratch, provide clients a 900 square foot control room and isolation booth. At 55 Webster we were finally able to comfortably track live instruments within our isolation booth, and provide an atmosphere that led to creativity beyond measure. The commercial facility market was successfully tested! Now what...



In 2018, The LAB embarked upon the most challenging, yet rewarding venture! We were able to secure a commercial location in New Rochelle that allowed us to provide clients with the quality and comfort that they have grown accustomed to, while also expanding our offered services. The LAB NR now offers top quality audio recording as well as a 1400 sq foot rehearsal studio available for all of your musical needs. Rehearsals, Listening Parties, Open Mics, Networking - Let us know and we can put together a special package for your needs!






Our Mission

The mission of The LAB is to provide a creative environment in which artists can develop their craft.



Our work has been featured by some of the industry’s top outlets, including: 




Emmis Communications (Hot 97)

iHeart Media (Power 105.1)


Apple Music


News 12

The Journal News

Much, much more!

 Contact us today to discuss your next project!

The LAB NR is a subsidiary of The LAB Media Empire, LLC

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