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We are the top recording facility in Westchester County.
Book a session with us today and see why!

LAB Standard.

As low as $40 per hour

This booking option allows an artist to record, mix, or master with one of our well qualified and experienced LAB engineers under the standard hourly rate. Our LAB Standard engineers have experience recording a wide range of musical genres, in addition to the ability to provide custom production (beats) for an additional price. Please contact us to receive our LAB Engineer Audio Portfolio today!

LAB Solo

As low as $30 per hour

This booking option allows a client to utilize the facility for any work of their choosing for a reduced hourly rate. This booking option does NOT include a LAB engineer. Those looking to record video footage, listen to their work, or have their own engineer find this option to be most sensible.

Vocal Training

Starts at $45 per hour

Have your vocal chords professionally trained by our in house vocal coach! Whether it be for an upcoming studio recording, live performance, or just to explore the potential of your God given instrument, we can push your voice to reach its full potential and achieve amazing results!

LAB Prime.

As low as $55 per hour

This booking option allows an artist to record, mix, or master with one of our senior LAB engineers. These sessions typically run at a more accelerated rate than the LAB Standard sessions, with mixing being performed in conjunction with tracking, when possible. 

All sessions with Papa Asante require this booking option.

TheLounge @ TheLABNR - Rehearsals

As low as $50 per hour

Have a gig to prep for? Like to jam out, but have issues with disturbing the peace at home? Looking for an open space to hold your weekly meeting with a club/group? Look no further! The Rehearsal Space @ TheLABNR is the answer to your problem. We have a fully equipped 400 square foot rehearsal space that is ready for you, your band, or working group! Contact us today for details on this flexible rental option.

Please note this option is for rehearsals only - For Networking Events See Option Further Below (Events).

LAB Unlimited.

Starts at $500 per month

The LAB Unlimited (LAB-U) program is ideal for those individuals who would like to spend a bit more time working on an EP or full album and are also familiar with the entire recording process. LAB Unlimited clients are responsible for audio engineering and producing their own work. This option is essentially a rental of the facility's studio space. It is designed for single use only and cannot be split between a group. Please contact us for more details on the LAB-U program. Participation in the LAB Unlimited program requires prior approval from The LAB Media Empire management.

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